交货时间表 (Delivery schedule)
我们的第一批货物将在收到 L/C 或 T.T. 后 2-3 个月内,我们的第二/第三批货物将在 2-3 周内

Our first shipmemnt will be within 2-3 months after receive L/C or T.T. and our 2nd/3rd shipment will be 2-3 weeks intaval

协议 (Contract)
我们的价格基于每月 50,000 吨和至少 6 个月的合同
Our prices are based on 50,000 tons per month and 6 months contract.
我们的价格基于 FOB Zambales, 菲律宾 所以买方必须安排船只
Our prices are based on FOB Zambales port, Philippines
so buyer must arrange vessel
 But we can arrange vessel on behalf of buyer
付款方式 (Payment)
(1) 不可撤销L/C(信用证)即期 
Irrevocable L/C (Letter of  credit) at sight
Please instruct your bank to open L/C
(2) 电汇 (Telegraphic Transfer)
签约时50% (50% when contracted) 
发货前 50%  (50% before shipment)